BetAmerica Now Paying on Disqualified Horses

There aren’t many bigger letdowns in horse racing betting than to pick the winning horse and then watch him be disqualified for some violation or another afterwards. Just when you were about to buy a round of drinks for everyone, the news comes out and your winning ticket turns into an instant dud. All that hard work and preparation was for naught; your winner is now a loser.

Well, BetAmerica has come out with a very cool new promotion that will be running for the indefinite future. If you back a horse on any graded stakes race in the US or Canada and your horse is disqualified, you still get paid for win bets. Place and show bets that lose because of a disqualification are refunded at the full value of the original wager.

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Win Bet Bonus

Win bets get the best treatment with this BetAmerica promotion. If you back a winner with a single win bet, he crosses the line first and then is disqualified later, you will receive a bonus equal to whatever the bet would have paid in real dollars.

Your bonus is almost as good as cash other than the fact that you need to clear it just like you did the initial signup bonus before you withdraw it. Pending bonuses are released at a rate of 10% of the value of each real money bet you place.

For example, let’s say you back a winner that would have paid $100 but he gets the DQ. In that case, BetAmerica will add $100 to your pending bonus account. From here on out, you just need to place normal bets to clear the bonus for withdrawal. Every $10 in bets placed results in $1 of your bonus being released.

Place and Show Refunds

Place and show bets also get a piece of the action. Any of these wagers containing a disqualified horse will be refunded unless they are still winning bets. You don’t get the full payout, but at least you don’t lose any money if your pick is DQed.

Should I alter my betting strategy with this new promo in mind?

No. Since there’s no way to know ahead of time when a horse will be disqualified, there’s no need to change anything on your end. The only thing I’d suggest is to do more of your horse racing betting at This promo eases some of the sting when you do your homework like a good handicapper and still get the short end of the stick.

So far, no other horse betting site has come out with something similar. This type of promo is exclusive to BetAmerica for now. It’s always possible other sites follow suit, but for now this is the only place to get your bets paid or refunded when things go wrong after the finish.


  • If your win bet loses due to DQ, BetAmerica will pay at full odds in the form of bonus cash
  • If your place or show bet loses due to DQ, BetAmerica will refund the bet
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