Nascar Racing Betting

Although there aren’t any NASCAR races outside of the U.S., the popularity of this racing series continues to grow around the world. At this point, almost every online betting site offers NASCAR betting.

Best Nascar Betting Sites

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Note: None of these sites accept customers from the USA. Auto racing falls under the category of “sports betting” and is therefore prohibited in the United States.

The Sprint Cup is the premier series in NASCAR, so this is the series with the best selection of betting options. Odds for Nationwide Series races are offered at most online bookmakers as well, but the variety of betting options are leaner. Most betting sites do not offer odds on individual Camping World Truck Series races, but some futures bets can be found.

One reason why it’s fun to bet on NASCAR is that the season is long and generally competitive. Even if the Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series championships are locked down, any number of drivers can win individual races.  NASCAR isn’t nearly as predictable as some other racing series, with a lot more crashes, mechanical failures, and driver mistakes.

In F1 for example, starting grid positions are far more critical because the tracks tend to be tighter and tough to pass on. This makes it harder to predict winners in NASCAR, but the odds are greater and many cappers find it more exciting.

How to Bet on NASCAR Racing

The most common bets that get placed on NASCAR are for the outright race winner. Casual bettors looking to have some fun bet on their favorite drivers, while more serious handicappers search for value. Finding value can be difficult in NASCAR because so many drivers win races every year. For those that want to win more consistently, matchup & podium bets are easier to win. Most online sportsbooks also offer a variety of prop bets, as well as futures bets for the Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series champions.

If you do a lot of NASCAR betting, register at several of our recommended online sportsbooks. For those who take it seriously, it’s very important to compare odds on every wager. Why take 7/1 if you can get 8/1 on the same bet? Over the course of a season, those little differences really add up.

Betting on NASCAR Race Winners

The easiest and most popular way to bet on NASCAR races is to pick the winner. There isn’t much to explain about these types of bets, except to offer a few tips.

First, keep your heart out of it. You may love Dale Earnhardt Jr, but I could’ve walked around the planet since the last time he won a race. Tens of millions of dollars in bets have been lost on him since his last win. Why add to that number when you can choose someone more likely to win?

Check stats for drivers at each track. There is a reason why certain drivers own certain tracks, and why others can’t win at them. To find the best value, pick drivers who are starting high on the grid and have a proven record at the track.

A lot of punters like to bet on multiple drivers in a single race. Of course you’ll win more often, but since only one driver can win a race, the number of extra bets you make are guaranteed losses. For example, if you make 3 bets, two will definitely lose. In the long run, you’re better off just picking one driver per race. Your wins will be less frequent, but you’ll lose less along the way – and never have a guaranteed loss.

If you’re looking for more consistent wins, think about matchup or podium bets instead.

NASCAR Matchup Bets (Speed Row Bets)

There are two types of matchup bets that can be made on NASCAR. In head-to-head matchup bets, a bettor selects one of two drivers that will have the best finish in a race. It doesn’t matter if the two drivers finish 29th and 31st, as long as your selected driver has the higher finish.

In regular matchup bets however, typically 5-6 drivers are pitted against each other. These work the same way as head-to-head matchups, where your only goal is the select the driver with the best finish. Most matchup bets consist of drivers that are closely matched, keeping them competitive and interesting.

Top 3 Bets

Also called ‘Podium Finisher’ bets, a punters job is to select a driver that will finish in the top 3. Obviously these are easier bets to win than those on outright winners, but the odds are lower as well. Some NASCAR bettors like to place these bets on the driver they think will win the race, feeling that a top-3 finish is safe. Personally, I’ll do the same if the odds are good, but I don’t make blanket decisions that way. If the odds are too low for that driver, it’s better to find another driver who offers better value.

NASCAR Prop Bets

NASCAR prop bets are wagers that don’t fit into any of the standard betting categories listed above. Some online sportsbooks offer a wide variety of NASCAR props, while others don’t. Certain types of prop bets can be found at multiple betting sites, which that means serious handicappers need to shop for the best prices.

  • Which driver will lead the most laps in the race?
  • What driver will be on the pole?
  • How many yellow flags will there be during the race? (over/under)

Prop bets generally have higher vig (juice) than bets on outright winners and matchups. For this reason we generally recommend that serious bettors stay away from them. Most prop bets are designed to offer some extra excitement for NASCAR racing fans, not as a way to attract professional cappers.

Sprint Cup Futures Bets

Every online betting site that offers NASCAR betting also offers Sprint Cup futures bets. Most books make them available soon after the previous season has ended.

The problem with NASCAR futures bets is that it takes an entire season before winnings can be collected. For example, if you make your bet at the beginning of the season in February, you won’t see your winnings until late November when the season is done. Bettors that are working with a set bankroll should keep their futures bets to a maximum of 1% of their bankroll, and preferably .5%.

Nationwide Series Futures Bets

Some online bookmakers offer futures bets for the Nationwide Series, some do not. When they do, odds are usually posted around the same time as the Sprint Cup futures, soon after the end of the previous season. Keep to the same bankroll management rules as you would for Sprint Cup futures.

NASCAR Live Betting

For big races like the Daytona 500, some online sportsbooks offer live betting during the race. These are prop bets on all sorts of individual events that happen during a race. For casual punters, this is a lot of fun. Serious handicappers should stay away from most of these bets though, because many of them are purely luck-based wagers, and the juice tends to be high as well.