Roundup of the Best Kentucky Derby Betting Promotions Online

The Kentucky Derby represents the single biggest day in North American horse racing for online racebooks. For instance, last year’s Kentucky Derby weekend covering both major races (the Derby and the Oaks) collected more than $200 million in wagers from domestic sources alone. That kind of money is more than enough to get the competitive …

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How to Qualify for the Kentucky Derby Betting Championship Online

(Image credit: Erin Pettigrew) The 2016 Kentucky Derby Betting Championship by is shaping up to be the most prestigious and big-money handicapping tournament in the world. Churchill Downs will be hosting the inaugural event on May 6th and 7th to coincide with this year’s Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Best New Racing Betting Promotions for February

(Image Credit: Bill Brine) It’s been a while since our last big roundup of online racing promos, so this one comes long overdue. There’s a lot of good stuff happening in the racing betting world and today I’m going to get you caught up on the latest and greatest.

Big December Roundup of Online Horse Racing Promotions

(Image credit: Donnie Ray Jones) December may be a slow month for some racetracks but the cold weather isn’t slowing down any of the biggest horse racing sites. We’ve got a whole bevy of horse racing promotions to look forward to this month. As they say, there’s always a racetrack open for business somewhere.

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